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Document Status / Change Log

Under the Data section, you can find the Document Status tab, which provides a full audit trail for all documents and their statuses in all workflows.

The documents can be sorted by their names or by the last action done with a document by clicking on the column header. 

To see the criteria under which you can do a search for the necessary document, simply make a click in the search field and you will find five criteria in the dropdown:

In order to perform the search, select the necessary criteria among the list along with the desired tab: 

The search can be performed using several filters at the same time in order to narrow down the search and make it as granular as needed: 

Document Statuses

A document can have one of the following statuses:

The documents can be sorted by their names by clicking on the column header.

The list includes 100 last documents. To see the older documents, please scroll down.


y selecting any document you can perform the following actions:

Deleted Documents

To see the documents that were deleted by an Admin or a user, click Show Deleted. Please, note that the list will not include those documents that were deleted according to the retention policy. A similar policy is applied to the completed workflow documents. The default value is 365 days (check Security Settings under the Configuration section for details).

You can also export the list of documents with or without document revision history.

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