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April, 2020 – Ensure the job is done on time

“Time is money”, said Benjamin Franklin. This becomes your reality once the task is overdue or the project is delayed.

Setting up deadlines for workflow documents at any stage is one of the features within Fluix that ensures work gets completed on time.


1. As an admin, you define the due dates for documents at different stages of a workflow (Drafts, My Inbox, Group Inbox) and the frequency to send email notifications of overdue documents.

2. Once the date comes due, an overdue label is added to the document both on a user’s device and the admin portal and an email is sent to inform the users and admin that the task is pending.

Need to track the performance in a different way? Reply to and tell me how.

Stay safe and take care 🙂

Best wishes,
Olga Zakharova
Product Manager

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