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Connect your business processes across multiple systems | Fluix integrations

Why and how to automate the data transfer between the systems your teams use

The main idea of integrating business tools used in your organization is to optimize business processes and eliminate manual effort. The ultimate benefit is the automation that saves employees’ time and your costs.

Fluix cloud platform helps to both streamline the business processes related to data collection and approval in the field, and further data reporting and account management in the office. If you used to perform the office part with the help of a data analysis platform, CRM, or any other tool, you can easily integrate it with Fluix to automate the flow.

How integration works

1. Workers on the ground collect data (text, images, signatures, etc.) in the Fluix app on mobile devices, both iOS, and Android, and push the filled-out forms for review. 

2. Once the approval is obtained, the completed work is usually submitted down the workflow: to the cloud storage, email, customer management system, database, etc. At this step, the integration helps to avoid manual file download from storage or data copying from forms. The form, or the particular data from it, or even a message about the completed job is automatically pushed into a system you choose.

Premade integrations

Fluix already integrates with various popular SaaS products via API. Our current list of integrations includes the following popular tools:

Business Intelligence

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Cloud Storage Tools

Integration Platforms

Project Management

Work Collaboration

Important note:
Fluix can integrate with almost any tool that has a public API available upon request.

How to start

The integration doesn’t require special technical skills and months to configure it. Contact the Fluix team and we’ll help you to set up the integration taking into account your project-specific requirements.

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