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How to retrieve data from forms automatically | Fluix Datasets

What are Fluix Datasets?

Data collected by your field teams in checklists, time sheets, work orders and other forms in the Fluix app, can be automatically aggregated and extracted into datasets for further data export and analysis.

How to start extracting data?

Data is extracted from documents that are filled out and submitted by your end users within Fluix taskstreams. The data is saved to a report called Dataset, and can be then downloaded in Excel/CSV.

To create a dataset:

  1. Navigate to the Data section of Fluix admin portal, tab Datasets.
  2. Click New Dataset, name it, and click Create.

Note: If there are no taskstreams yet, create one first, with the forms that you would like to extract data from.

  1. Select the taskstreams and then the forms you need the data from.

Each dataset will include the list of submitted documents, columns with the fields and data that was filled out in the documents:

By selecting any dataset, you can Rename, download as CSV/Excel, or Delete it:

Finding bottlenecks and benchmarking in your business processes is now very easy.

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