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Fluix Product Summer Updates

More functionality in Fluix – more automation options for your daily business. Check out our Summer edition!

Taskstream: Conditional Logic for Submit Actions

‘Passed’? – the report goes to the cloud. “Failed”? – another round of review is required. As simple as that! Conditional logic allows you to automate decision-making throughout each process, using the values your remote team enters in form fields.

Taskstream: User Notes

No need for calls or chatting back and forth. Flow participants can now easily exchange comments right in the Fluix app while filling out forms. 

Pause Sync of Templates and Company Drive

Now your app users can decide when to sync files in Templates and Company Drive. In 24 hours a reminder will be pushed to device to resume sync.

You can also pause sync for a specific root folder in the mentioned sections. Contact us at to enable this feature for your account.

Other Updates

  1. Roles: ability to give access to subfolders in Fluix storage.
  2. The Signer’s email and date are now added to their handwritten signature in the remote sign use case.
  3. Ability to enforce SSO login configuration for app users.
  4. Taskstream on device: Geotag and timestamp in Photos, and Geolocation in text fields.
  5. Ability to Duplicate a Taskstream.

To stay tuned to updates about upcoming releases, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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