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How to Copy a Taskstream

You can make a copy of any existing Taskstream and then modify any task or submit action if needed. To do that, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Duplicate a Taskstream

Go to Menu > Taskstreams section of Fluix Admin Portal, select a Taskstream you want to copy, and click Duplicate

Once a copy is created, start editing as needed. Below, you can find the guidelines on how to make changes in the duplicated Taskstream.

Step 2. Change Assignees

In order to change assignees, select the task and click on the cross icon next to the assignee’s name. To add a new assignee, click on Add Assignee and select a new assignee from a dropdown list:

Step 3. Add or Replace Forms and Attachments

You can add new forms and attachments, or replace the current ones in the Forms tab. To replace them, click on the cross icon next to the form’s or attachment’s name. To add a new form or attachment, click on Add From or Add an attachment, select a source from where the form or the file should be taken, and the form or file itself.

Step 4. Modify Submit Actions

For the Upload to Storage submit action, please make sure to connect new storage or a folder. For the Submit by Email action, you may change the email address or add an additional one, or change the subject or text of the email. For the Share To option, you may edit the configuration of the integration in the Request Builder. 

Step 5. Rename the Taskstream

Rename the Taskstream by clicking the Pencil icon in the top left corner of your screen and click the Save & Publish button to activate it.

Your new Taskstream is now ready for use.

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