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Fluix Product Q2 Updates

Here at Fluix HQ, we’re constantly working on ways to make your work life easier. In this Product update, we’re really excited to share some new features that we hope will do just that!

Fluix with Dark Mode

1. Dark Mode

A long-awaited update for those working at night or in controlled lighting environments.

Resubmit from Completed

2. Create a pre-filled copy or resubmit a form with new edits

A long-awaited feature is out! We’ve made it easier for users to see the difference between the forms that they want to review, correct, or create a copy of.Completed forms are opened in view-only mode, with annotations and comments left by the participants of the workflow.

Users can now choose to create a copy of a completed document, or just amend some fields and resubmit it.

Signature with added signer email

3. Email & date added to handwritten signatures

We’ve added the signer’s email address next to the date and time stamp under their handwritten remote signature, the same as typed signatures.

Note: Reply to this email to enable it in your account for signatures added on device.

4. Integration with WinAir

Fluix + WinAir integration

Another exciting piece of news for our customers in the Aviation sector! The integration between Fluix and WinAir allows you to automatically create flight log entries in WinAir for different types of aircraft, based on the values that have been filled into the flight record by the cabin crew members and submitted via Fluix.

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