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Fluix Dashboard is a start page of your Fluix account where you can see the news & alerts, user activity, document statistics, and other account metrics.

On top, there are some totals like number of documents pushed or completed, connected devices, groups and workflows that were created since the Fluix account was registered.

Document Status

In the Document Status section you can see the latest documents that were modified in any way by your users:

Live Feed

In the Live Feed you can track all activities within your account:

Click on View Full Event Log to see the detailed log on events related to Users, Groups, System, Workflows and Documents for the selected period of time:


iOS and App Reports

The next chart shows the iOS and Fluix app versions your account users are running on their devices:

To get the detailed information on iOS and Fluix app versions, please click on View Full Report that will bring you to the Reports section.


TOP Users and Workflows

Lastly, there is a TOP 10 list of most active users and workflows for the selected period of time:

Access to Dashboard & Reports

You can grant an access to Dashboard to any user of your account by providing him/her with the respective permission. To proceed, please go to the Configuration section —> Roles —> New Role —> Blank Template —> select a user from the list and check the box called Access to Dashboard & Reports —> save changes.
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