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In the top right corner of the Dashboard section you can find the system Alerts and App Update Announcements:

There are three types of Alerts:

  1. The errors related to your company storage that got disconnected from Fluix for some reason. In that case, you’ll need to follow by the link in the Alert to the Remote Storages section and reconnect your storage.
  2. Workflow-related issues. If your company storage is used in a workflow as a document source and/or destination and one of the folders was deleted or renamed on your storage, such a folder will be highlighted in red and the workflow will get a issues tag. In this case please follow the link in Alert and check what folder is affected. Then you’ll need to press the Edit Workflow button and select a new folder from your storage
  3. Documents that failed to be submitted due to the respective reasons e.g. the third-party storage got disconnected or when the external storage runs out of free space which provokes the fail to be submitted alerts.

    App Update Announcement shows the latest Fluix app version available in the App Store. Fluix recommends keeping your users devices always updated.

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