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Customizing and Sharing the Report

By clicking Customize, you may build a report tailored to your business needs and requirements in our Reports Builder.

On the sidebar, in the Columns section, you may select the columns data from which will be displayed in your report. Additionally, you may delete the columns that are no longer needed or move them by dragging them over. The number of columns that can be added to the report is unlimited. The data that can be added is filtered into separate sections, such as General with basic information about the tasks, Performers, which mostly contains information on who worked or is working on a task, Forms, Productivity, etc.

Select the parameters you would like to add to your report to see the full overview of the performance based on your business needs.

Please note: the first column (Process or Form) is added by default and cannot be deleted or moved.

After you select all the needed parameters on the sidebar in the Columns section, click Apply to check the modified report. The Widgets in the Report Builder will automatically pull the data according to the selected parameters.

After customizing your report, there are two options for how you can use it:

In case you have any questions or difficulties with setup, contact our support at and we’ll be happy to help you.

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