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Building and setting up a Taskstream Chart

To start building a Taskstream chart, go to the Taskstreams section and click New Taskstream in the upper right corner of your screen. The dialogue will suggest you name a Taskstream. The abbreviation of the name will be automatically generated and then used for better sorting tasks in the user app on a device.

In the Taskstream builder, you will see the menu of elements on the left. In the previous article, you can check what each element does.

In order to create the very first task, click on the empty task under the Start Point, and its menu will appear on the left. We’ll return to the Task details in the next article.

You will also see 3 blue arrows surrounding the task. By clicking and dragging any of these arrows, you will connect elements with each other:

This way you will be able to add and connect any other Taskstream elements between each other.

You also have the ability to use the shortcuts. By clicking on the blue “+”  icon, you may connect elements with each other or add a new flow.

Example of the fully configured Taskstream setup:

Now let’s see how to configure User Task.

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