3.7. Barcode / QR code scanning

Fluix supports barcode / QR scanning out of the box on iPad / iPhone. There’s no need to create special fillable forms, or configure devices.
Here’s how it works for an end user:
1) Open a text input field
They should follow regular routine: launch Fluix app, open a template, navigate to the field to be populated with a code.
2) Tap barcode icon
It’s easy to find in the keyboard area:
3) Confirm access to the camera
Only need to do it once:
4) Hover the code
Just close up on it:
5) Capture data
The number will be inserted automatically​:
Essentially, scanning decodes graphics into an embedded string of characters, and populates selected field with it.
All you need to worry about is that field format can accept it, and that that most standard ‘Text Field’ format with no category specified is suitable for this purpose.