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What is Admin Portal?

Fluix Admin Portal is the main hub for Fluix admins. There they can perform all sorts of account-related tasks such as creating and managing workflows, tracking user and document workflow and activity, making any changes to settings, etc.

Fluix Admin Portal has the following sections:

Let’s have a quick look at each of them.


From here, you can get a snapshot of company activities such as last  documents your team worked on, alerts and news, live feed of events within your account, a report on the versions of iOS and Fluix apps your users are using, and more:



This is the main section you will work with. From here you can access:



In this section, you can create four types of reports:


This option gives you quick access to the most popular actions:

User App

The section where you can access and work with the documents as an end-user


Contains the list of Fluix accounts where you are registered, Billing and Help sections.


Here you can set up the billing details of your account and track the payments made for the Fluix subscription.


In the Help section, you can find all types of information on the account setup, user app guide, learning resources, or just reach out to the Fluix Support Team.

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