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What is a Taskstream?

Fluix Taskstream is a way to automate the daily routine work your team has. 

A Taskstream is a template for repetitive tasks and paperwork performed by your team members. The Administrator’s job is to model such a sequence of tasks to achieve a business goal, while users only need to follow the configured processes. This separation allows everybody to focus on their core competence according to their role in a company and current Taskstream step, and automate the technical routine of in-between transitions.

In other words, the Taskstream itself is a flow of tasks to be performed, forms to be filled out, and work to be reviewed and approved.

Through Taskstreams, field workers receive tasks on their mobile devices, with descriptions of jobs to be done, fillable forms, and attachments for review. Users can fill out data and eSign, add photos and scan barcodes, and submit tasks to the next step in the process.

Flowchart example

Below is the basic flowchart showing how Engineers fill out checklists, Supervisors review them, and send them to your company storage and office team. 

In terms of a Taskstream, it will look like a number of steps:

Team view

1) Engineer picks up a task on their mobile device, fills out the checklist form with all of the necessary information from the site, and submits it to the site Supervisor for review.

2) In case any rework is required, Supervisor returns the checklist to the Engineer for rework. If no corrections are needed, the site Supervisor signs the checklist and approves it. The completed checklist is automatically uploaded to your company storage and emailed if needed.

Starting points to model a process

Before you proceed with a Taskstream, here are the starting points to begin modeling your process:

1) Process 

2) Participants

3) Forms

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