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Who are Users in Taskstreams

Users are your team members that will participate in Taskstreams, namely will be assigned tasks to fill out forms, review, approve each other’s work and submit the completed work through the process.

Users are managed on the Admin Portal under the Menu section:

The first step in Fluix setup is adding users and organizing them into groups for further participation in taskstreams. 

How to Add Users

You can add a user by clicking on the New User button:

And then simply fill out the form below:

Please note that you can define the password complexity for the users’ passwords. This option is available in Menu -> Settings tab.

If a user participates in a couple of accounts, then they will use one password for all accounts.

Invitation Email

Once added to the Fluix account, a user will be sent an email invitation to access Fluix via iPad, iPhone, and web application.

In case the added user didn’t receive the invitation email, you will receive an automatic email notification saying that the system didn’t accept the email address. Please, double-check the address and if that didn’t help, email us at for assistance.

Resend Invite

If you need to resend the invite to a user who never logged into his account, you can do that from the Users section. Simply check the user to whom you would like to resend the invite and click on Resend Invite button:

The invitation to access Fluix will be sent again to the selected user who hasn’t logged into the application yet.

Learn how to add Users in bulk in the next article or contact us at if you have any questions or comments.

Add Users in Bulk

To save time on adding users to Fluix, we recommend doing it by uploading a CSV file.

Here’s a detailed guide:

1. Collect users’ names and last names, email addresses, and groups they have to belong to (optional).

2. Open a Google Spreadsheet (or any other tool that can export this file in a CSV format) and create 2 columns: User Name and Email. If you would like to assign users to groups automatically, add a third column – Group Name (optional). Fill the document in with users’ information.

3. Download the file in CSV format (in Spreadsheets via File -> Download As – CSV)

4. In Fluix admin portal go to Menu -> Users -> Import/Export dropdown -> Import Users via CSV button:

5. In the right sidebar upload the CSV document by clicking on Browse CSV File:

6. Once the CSV file is uploaded, you will see a list of users from the document, select the ones you want to add or click on Import all.

Learn more about User Details in the next article or contact us at if you have any questions or comments.

User Details

In this section, you can view and edit all user details such as name, email address, Groups and Taskstreams a user belongs to, and other details:

User Password

From here you can change a user password manually by using the Reset button to send an email request to a user asking to change a password.


Here you can assign a user to a group or groups of users that participate in a Taskstream.


Once you add a user to any taskstreams, he/she will access the documents within this taskstream. The list of the taskstreams the user participates in is listed here.

Connected Devices

This part shows the list of devices a user used to log into Fluix and the app version on each device. If there’s a need to log out from a specific device, simply click on the cross sign next to the device name.

By default, a user can be logged into 3 devices. Once the number is exceeded, the user is logged out of the first device. To limit or increase the number of devices, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Request User Data

This is an option to email the user the details of his/her activity.

Learn more about Export of Users in the next article or contact us at if you have any questions or comments.

Export of Users List

To export the list of all or selected Fluix users, please go to Users in the Menu section and follow the steps for each option below:

Option 1. To export the list of all the Users,  click on Import/Export button in the top right corner of your screen and select Export All Users from the drop-down menu:

Option 2. To export the list of selected users, select them by checking a box next to the User’s name and then click on the Export to CSV button. The list of selected Users will be downloaded as a CSV file to your computer.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or comments.

Pre-fill of user’s email on login page

In case you use the MDM solution to manage your users’ devices, you can ease the login process for your end-users by pre-filling their email addresses on the Fluix login page. Here are the steps to proceed:

1. Add device to MDM

2. Set test user email for ‘com.fluix.mdm.userEmail’ key in MDM

3. Install Fluix via MDM

4. Run Fluix, check if the email is in the ‘username’ field

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or comments.

Delete Users

You can delete users in Fluix that no longer need to have access to the platform.

To delete a user, please proceed to Users in the Menu section and follow the steps below:

1. Select a User or multiple Users you want to delete by checking the box next to the User’s name.

2. Click on the Delete button in the right corner of the screen. Confirm the selection and the user’s account will be removed.

Please, note that there is a couple of instances where a user deletion cannot be completed until certain modifications are made:

IMPORTANT: According to the GDPR requirements, the data on the deleted user is stored for 30 days. So, in case you deleted a user by mistake, you can recover him/her within the next 30 days by recreating him as a new user and asking Fluix Support Team to recover his setup.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or comments.

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