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Fluix Settings: Email Notifications

Let’s take a look at the email notification settings in your Fluix account.

  1. From the main menu in the Fluix Admin portal, click ‘Configuration’. You’ll see three options under the Settings section: Security, File Sharing, and Email Notifications. Click ‘Email Notifications’.

  2. In this section, you can control the email notifications that will be sent to Admins, Owners, and Users in Fluix. 

  3. You’ll also see a subsection for email customization, where you can change the text in the emails new users receive when they first join Fluix, as well as the text in the email users will receive when a file is submitted via email.

  4. You can also add your company’s logo to the email templates, which is helpful when sending documents for signatures to people outside of Fluix.

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