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Fluix Settings: File Sharing Options in Fluix

Let’s take a look at the file-sharing settings in your Fluix account.

  1.  From the main menu in the Fluix Admin portal, click ‘Configuration’. You’ll see three options under the Settings section: Security, File Sharing, and Email Notifications.

  2. Select ‘File Sharing’. Here you’ll see 5 options and a sharing options matrix section.

  3. In this section, you can choose to allow users to transfer files via USB and/or iTunes, as well as allowing users to resubmit completed workflow documents.

  4. You can also enable a setting to always flatten PDFs when sharing, so that they can’t be edited, and you can prevent documents with the exact same name from being submitted twice by enabling ‘Overwrite pushed documents with the same name in the app’.

  5. To enable users to add the date and time and geolocation to PDF images, check the boxes next to those options in the ‘Adding to images in PDF forms on devices’ section.

  6. Now let’s move on to the Sharing Options Matrix.

  7. In this section, you’ll be able to set permissions for the Company Drive, the Personal tab in the Fluix app, and workflow documents.

  8.  ‘Email’ allows users to email files directly via the default email app on iOS devices or on a PC.

  9. ‘Print’ allows users to print documents from Fluix using AirPrint-compatible printers. 

  10. ‘Open In’ makes it possible to open PDF files located in Fluix in other applications on a device.

  11. ‘Copy/Export files’ allows the copying and exporting of files within the Personal tab and Documents tab in Fluix.

  12. ‘Copy/Extract/Delete Pages’ allows the copying of individual pages, as well as the ability to extract and delete them.

  13. Once these settings have been enabled in this section by an Admin, users will see the options appear in the Fluix app on their devices when they open a document.

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