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Push to Workflow

To send a document from your PC directly to a workflow, use the Push to Workflow option. If pushed to a single user, he/she will see it in My Inbox on device or web browser version, if the document was pushed to a Group of users — they will find it in Group Inbox. The respective My Inbox or Group Inbox sources should be configured in a workflow. After the documents are received by users, they will act on them and submit to the next stage of the workflow, so please ensure that the submit rule configured in a workflow, meet your expectations.

Only PDFs and ZIP archives with multiple PDFs can be pushed to a workflow. The maximum file size that can be sent is 400 MB per file.

Select a workflow or once inside a workflow, click on the Push Document button:

  1. In the pop-up window, select a user or group of users this document will go to
  2. Attah a PDF file or .zip folder with PDFs
  3. Add a message if needed:

4. Press Push. 

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