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Activity Status 

The Activity Status section was built to help you track the progress of the work done, oversee the site team’s activity, and take action if something is delayed or goes wrong. Activity status is also tailored to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of data flow in your Fluix account. 

What tasks does Activity Status solve?

This functionality’s primary advantage is empowering Fluix Admins with project management and reporting tool that enhance efficiency in data compilation, filtering, and generating actionable insights. Explore a detailed overview of this feature below.

Activity Status overview

The Activity Status tab of the Admin Portal tracks progress and oversees site team activity if something is delayed or goes wrong. Additionally, it analyzes the current project’s overall workload and shares this data with your team members for further analysis.

By default, the Activity Status section shows the current state of things based on the Processes in your account. In such a scenario, data will be filtered to show the processes from all the Taskstreams in your account. This section contains the following information by default:

Process. The ID of the process and the name of the Taskstream where this process was initially started. The ID contains the first letters of the Taskstream name and numbers.

– Stage. The name of the form’s current task and assignee information (group/user name/guest name).

– Task Status. The status of the current tasks from the process (in case there are parallel tasks, few statuses will be displayed at the same time):

  1. ToDo. The task was assigned to a group and is not in progress;
  2. In Progress. The task was taken by any of the users from the group;
  3. Finished. All tasks from the Taskstream were finished;
  4. Failed. One of the service tasks has failed (upload to folder/send by email);
  5. Overdue. The Due time has expired.
  6. Suspended. The process was temporarily paused by Admin. In such cases, the tasks disappear from the users’ User app and return if the Admin resumes the process by selecting them and clicking the “Resume” button in the Activity status section.

– Last Action. The latest time when there was any action with the chosen task.

– Duration. A timeframe between the beginning of the process and the current time or until the finished status of the whole process.

Additionally, it is possible to customize the table in the Activity Status section by adding specific columns and deleting those that may seem unnecessary.

You may also change the view type of the data in the Activity Status:

Widgets in Activity Status

Widgets with the results of your team’s activity in Fluix will significantly help since they provide admins with the ability to check data at a glance without the need to dive into the table view of the report. By default, there are four widgets related to the Process view on the screen:

  1. Processes Finished means the total number of finished processes added to the report according to the selected filters.
  2. Processes In Progress means the number of processes that were assigned to groups, users, or guests and are now in the ToDo and InProgress stages. 
  3. Processes Failed means that specific service tasks within the process have failed to be uploaded to the configured paths, sent by email, or shared to third-party platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, etc and these processes require the admin’s attention. 
  4. Overall Process Duration is calculated as the total time users or guests spent working on the processes in the report. 

In case you have any additional questions about the functionality, contact us at to learn more about it.

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