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How to Regulate the Sync Process in the Fluix App

The Sync Regulation feature provides the possibility to pause the synchronization of the sections and individual folders in the Templates and Company Drive sections manually on the users’ devices. It allows users to choose the appropriate time for the sync process when the device is connected to a stable internet connection.

How does the Sync Regulation feature improve the user’s experience in the Fluix iOS app?

Use cases

The Fluix App may contain a large number of documents, and the permanent auto-sync of the data may clog up a storage capacity on the user’s device. Some users also may work in areas with a poor Internet connection, which can slow down the auto-sync process when the user needs access to the required document. The Sync Regulation allows the selection of a particular folder or section for the sync process, which will decrease the storage capacity on the device, and the synchronization process will take less time as the number of documents to be synced is reduced.

How to allow users to pause sync on the device?

You can set a configuration to allow users to pause sync on the device on the company-level configuration, which will be applied to all the users in your company account. In case you need the configurations to be applied only to the respective group of users, you may set group-level configurations.

To allow your users to decide when to sync files on the company-level configurations, please navigate to Configuration –  File Sharing on the Admin Portal.

To enable Sync Regulation for the users on group-level configuration, please navigate to the Groups section, select the respective group, open the Configuration tab, and activate the Enable group-level configuration by ticking a checkbox next to it.

Please note: to enable access to the pause sync process on the group-level configuration, please define the respective group for the participants as a default in the User Details section. By defining the group as default, the company-level configurations will no longer comply with the group anymore.

How it works on the user’s device?

To pause the sync process for the respective section in the account, the user may tap on the Pause Sync option next to the section name. This will pause the synchronization process for all the folders that are located in the particular section.

To resume the syncing process of the section, please tap on the Resume Sync option next to the section name.

To pause sync for a respective folder, the user may tap on three dots next to the folder name. Under the Pin button, you will see the Pause Sync option.

To resume the syncing process of the folder, the user may tap on three dots and select the Resume Sync option.

Please note: the pause and resume sync actions apply to the root folder. If the folder contains subfolders, it may not be possible to pause them individually. Therefore, when you pause the synchronization of a root folder, the subfolders in it will also be paused.

The users also have the possibility to pause the sync process of multiple folders by tapping on the Select button and putting the checkmarks next to the respective folders.

To resume the sync process for all folders that were manually paused, the users may tap on the Resume Sync button

Please note: when the user resumes the sync process by selecting the Resume Sync option in the three-dots menu, synchronization will only be resumed for the one selected folder.

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