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Fluix WinAir Integration | Create Flight Logs Automatically

Many aviation companies use different software solutions to manage processes and paperwork. In most cases, data flow between tools is manually created by employees. This inevitably leads to occasional data loss and discrepancies as a result of human error.

In this article we’ll talk about how integrating the aviation management tool WinAir with Fluix can eliminate manual effort and make the entire document management process smoother, with full traceability.

What this integration does

Fluix is a web and mobile-based cloud platform that helps teams with setting up digital document management and workflow automation. In this integration, Fluix serves as an electronic data capture system.

WinAir is an aviation management software that helps track and manage aircraft maintenance and inventory control.

Integration between Fluix and WinAir allows you to automatically create flight log entries in WinAir for different types of aircraft, based on the values that have been filled into the flight record by the cabin crew members and submitted via Fluix.

The flow

1.The pilot completes the fillable Journey Log PDF in the Fluix app. Both online and offline options are available.

Example of a filled out form on iPad:

2. Once ready, the pilot submits the form so that it is reassigned to CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation) within Fluix. 

3. CAMO reviews the Journey Log and then submits the finalized form via Fluix down the predefined workflow rule, e.g. email to the office, archive to cloud storage or any other desired destination.

4. In parallel, the data flows through to WinAir, where the Flight Log entry is automatically created based on the data extracted from the submitted form.

How to start
The integration doesn’t require special technical skills and months to configure it. Contact the Fluix team and we’ll help you to set up the integration, taking into account your project-specific requirements.

Note: To test the integration, you’ll need a Fluix Core license, or a free 14-day trial account, as well as a WinAir license.

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