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Filtering Data in the Activity Status

Fluix Activity Status is powered by the Smart Search functionality that allows you to filter the data based on certain parameters: 

Assignee filters the processes by the particular user or group who is assigned to perform the task. The list of users and groups can be selected in the dropdown menu.
– Stage status filters the processes by To Do, In Progress, Finished, Failed, Deleted, and Suspended statuses.
– Condition filters the processes to show those that are Overdue or Undelivered so that you can reach out to the user/group/guest and follow up about the progress of the task.
– Taskstream name filter can be used in case you would like to check all the processes for the respective Taskstream. You may fill out either the full Taskstream name to filter the processes or the abbreviation of the Taskstream.
– Task name filters the active processes based on the name you fill out in the Smart Search. – Form name filter will display the processes where the respective form is used. Fill out the form name in the Search bar to find its related process.
Simply click on Search & Filter and select additional filters you would like to apply to your report.

The search and filtering can be performed using several filters at the same time to narrow down the search and make your report even more precise. After applying specific filters to the search, the widgets will automatically display the information based on the selected filters. 

On the right, you may select the timeframe for which you can filter the processes in the account. Select the suggested Last Action Period from the list of available filters or set a Custom Range.

In case you have any additional questions about the functionality, contact us at to learn more about it.

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