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Configuring & Testing Fluix

To start working in Fluix, you do not need to be tech-savvy or spend hours of time to learn the basics and train your colleagues. To start the pilot project with your team, will need to pass three steps:

Step 1: Create a taskstream 

Step 2: Test the setup as an end-user 

Step 3: Check the results.

Step 1. Create a taskstream

Taskstream is a configured flow of repetitive tasks that your teams will perform in the Fluix app. 

As an administrator,  you will need to configure a sequence of connected tasks for your team to complete. Each task might contain a description of work to be done, fillable forms, and files for review. All tasks will be connected with each other by business rules you set, such as review, approval, collection of e-signatures, automated email notifications, uploading documents to cloud storage, sending data to other software services or for download.  

Once the Taskstream is published, participants will immediately be assigned their tasks and able to act according to the role you assigned them: collect data in forms, sign, add photos, share notes, review and approve the completed tasks, etc.

To proceed with creation of a taskstream, register a trial account and log in to the Fluix Admin Portal. The Admin guide will support you on each step of the taskstream creation.

Step 2. Test the setup as an end user

To test the created Taskstream, you will need to wear the hat of an end-user – meaning an employee who will be submitting or approving forms or documents.

As an end user, you will be able to see the tasks that were assigned to you. To start working on any of them, click Start Work and proceed to the form to fill it out. Once done, click Finish Work to send the task to the next stage according to the submit rule that you configured in a workflow.

You can check the experience in the app on a mobile device or web browser. 

To give it a try in the web browser version, simply switch to the User App section in the upper right corner of the top menu. To proceed with the device version of the app, download the application in the App Store or Google Play, and log in with the credentials you used to log into the Admin’s account.

Step 3. Check the result 

To track the status and details of the task you just finished as an end user, you will need to switch back from the User App to the Admin Portal, and proceed to Process Status. You can find more details about Process Status in this article.

Have questions or need help? Feel free to contact us at or chat on the web site, we are always happy to assist.

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