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Before you start

Fluix solution was specifically designed to get you started in merely 15-30 minutes. You don’t need dedicated IT resources or special knowledge to deploy Fluix.

Three things to become up and running with Fluix: 

1. Team

In your trial account, you can start on your own. Meanwhile, the core value you get from Fluix is to streamline business processes within your team. From our experience teams of 10+ people notice positive ROI within a month.

2. Processes

To automate the processes in Fluix you’ll need to map them in Fluix workflow builder. So, think of the ideal scenario for your use case, sequence of tasks, that should be performed by the teams, documents that need to be filled out, and actions required.

3. Devices

Fluix is supported on iOS devices and web browsers. Historically, our customers are Apple adepts due to stability, clear design and exceptional reliability of iOS devices. However, the development of the Fluix app on the Android platform is also in progress.

Are you ready to start? To hit the ground running, register your free 14-day trial account.

Have questions or need help? Feel free to contact us at or chat on the web site, we are always happy to assist.