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PDF Builder

In Fluix you can create your own fillable PDF forms and use them in any workflow.

Watch the video about Fluix PDF Builder, or follow the steps below to create your first form.

How to create a PDF Form

To create a form, please follow to the Actions menu on the Admin Portal and select Create PDF Form:

In the opened window, you may select whether you would like to create a new form or edit the existing form.

Once you are there, you will see a blank page and menu on the right:

To add a field, click on it in the menu.

To move a field, click and drag it to the right place on the page.

To delete a field, as well as check or change field properties, click on that field:

To add a page, scroll to the bottom on the page and click Add page:

To delete a page, click on the trashcan on top of the page:

To discard changes, press Discard in the upper right corner.

To save the form, press Save Changes and select one of the options: Upload to Fluix Storage or Download to your computer.

How to add fields to the existing form

Besides creating forms from scratch, you can also add text and signature fields to already existing PDF forms. To do that, drag and drop your form to PDF Builder and choose Signature or Text field in the menu on the right. Then move the field in the right place and save changes.

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