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In Progress section

Once you start working on any of the tasks from the ToDo tab, the task will be automatically moved to the In Progress tab and will stay there until you finish it.

Forms and attachments

On the main screen, you can find the forms that need to be filled out to finish the task and the attachments for review. In case there are some required fields in the form configured by your company admin, the number of these fields will be displayed accordingly next to the name of the form. The task cannot be finished until all the required fields are filled out.

In a form, you can fill in text fields, add images, sign, add barcodes and QR codes. 

In case you are working on a task that was initially assigned to a group in which you are a participant, besides having the option to finish the task, you see an option called ‘Return to Group’. It means that you can return the task back to the group, while it hasn’t been finished yet. It may happen if your shift is over, or you assigned this task to yourself by mistake. All the changes you made in the task will be saved. 

The task can be deleted only in case it was initiated by you from the To Initiate section. Otherwise, it may be withdrawn from you by the admin only.

Once you tap the ‘Finish Task’ button, depending on the setup, you might be provided with a list of alternative submit actions to choose from. For example, if preconfigured by your Fluix account admin, you may select the individual assignee from the preconfigured group in the flow whom you would like to pass the completed form e.g. for approval.

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