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Supported scripting in Acro Forms

1. HTTP replies for submit actions

Fluix presents HTTP replies with Content-Type “text/plain” and “text/ html” to the user. For other content  types the “Form successfully submitted.” is shown. 

2. Objects scriptable in Fluix

field Object



event Object


doc Object



app Object


util Object


3. Custom JS API


flx_CopyPage(nSourcePage, nPage)

Copies a source page and inserts it into a document after specified page index. Defined on a document level.

This function represents a simplified routine of manually copying & pasting a single page via page manager in Fluix iOS app (available since app v. 2.36).


Return Value: The function returns boolean result of the operation   

Side effect: Function may display alerts using standard app.alert() PDF JavaScript method (NOTE: The function fails silently in case invalid page indices are passed as arguments)

4. Workflow JS API


This property can be used to pre-fill/get User full name, User Group(s) and Company name  

The property app.fluixUser contains the following keys:  

  1. fullName — user full name in Fluix 
  2. companyName — company name in Fluix
  3. groups — the array of groups (strings) 


This is a special function fluixShouldSubmit(submitRuleName) which should be defined on a document level.

Fluix calls this function upon document submit on device of User App (e.g. to validate the fields, user groups, etc.) 

Argument: The only function argument is a string, the name of submit rule from admin portal

Return Value: The function should return boolean true when submit is allowed or false if not.  

Side effect: Function may display alerts using standard app.alert() PDF JavaScript method. Alerts may contain Yes / No buttons that could allow PDF author to display non-fatal warning. 

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