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Fluix Procore Integration | Streamline Project Documentation

What problem Fluix Procore integration solves

Procore is a leading construction management cloud-based platform used to manage all phases of the projects.

Fluix is a web and mobile-based cloud platform that helps teams with setting up digital document management and workflow automation on projects in various industries. 

Usually, construction projects involve cooperation between different internal departments, multiple subcontractors, and vendors. Such flow inevitably creates fragmented processes and chaos when it comes to document distribution between different parties. 

The integration of Fluix and Procore allows you to automatically upload drawings, checklists, and other project-related documents into the Documents section of the specific project in Procore. This way, construction companies can stay productive and keep all the documentation generated from various tools aligned and properly managed in order to save the priceless time of employees and avoid discrepancies at different stages of the project.

How it works

As an example, in the Fluix app, project executives may fill in a punch list, add images, comments, eSign and send a completed form down the workflow. With Fluix/Procore integration the punch list can seamlessly appear in the Documents section of the specific Procore project for reference or further processing within Procore. Each workflow in Fluix can lead to the specific Procore project that will ensure a proper track record of documentation on each project.

Example of a form that is filled out in the Fluix app:

The list of forms that automatically appear in Procore, under the Documents section:

How to start

The integration doesn’t require special technical skills. Contact the Fluix team and we’ll help you to set up the integration taking into account your project-specific requirements.

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