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My Inbox

My Inbox section becomes active if you receive a document that requires an action from you. The document can come from your company admin, your colleagues or customer whom you sent the document for signature.

When a new document lands in My Inbox, you receive a notification by email (if this option is enabled by your company account Admin).

In My Inbox you can see who sent the document, when and its status:

Once you open a document, you can see the comment (if any) from your customer or colleague.

When you’re done making changes to a document, you can manage it in one of the following ways:

  1. Submit to the next stage. If you finished working on the document, tap Submit button in the upper right corner. Fluix will then take the document to the next step of the workflow pre-configured by your company account Admin. Choose the appropriate action based on your workflow if a dropdown menu is displayed.
  2. Save to Drafts. Upon first modification, a document moves from My Inbox to Drafts. Once ready, you can submit the document from Drafts by tapping the Submit button.

After the document has been submitted, a copy of it is saved under Completed (if this is the last step of the workflow and it’s pre-configured by Admin), or Reassigned (if other members of your team need to work on the document).

How to delete a document from My Inbox? 

If a document in My Inbox needs to be deleted, you can do it in a following way:

1. Open My Inbox, make any modification in a document

2. Tap Back button in the upper right corner -> this moves the document from My Inbox to Drafts

3. Go to the Drafts tab -> swipe left -> tap on trashcan and delete the document.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or comments.

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