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In Templates you can access forms that are synced from the folder on your company cloud storage.

There are two ways of working with documents from Templates:

1. Blank forms that are used for repetitive job and submitted to the next stage as per workflow rules, preconfigured by your company Admin. In this case once you open a form in Templates and start making changes, a copy will be saved to Drafts on your device, while template itself will stay always intact.

2. Documents that are distributed by company Admin for your review. The document can be accessed in view-only mode.

1. Templates with preconfigured submit action

As mentioned above, this option is configured by your company Admin to provide you an access to the templates that you can use for repetitive work.

After you pick up a new form from Templates and start working with it, a copy with your changes will be automatically saved to DraftsThe initial form available in Templates always stay blank.

To save changes, tap Back button in the upper right corner. In addition, all your changes are automatically saved every 3 min.

Each document is saved to Drafts with the original name (as in Templates), however you can rename it by selecting it and clicking Rename. In the same way you can delete a draft document:

If a file contains an automatic naming convention created by your Admin, the name is generated based on certain fields you fill out in the document. In this case you are not allowed to change the name manually.

If more than one action have been preset by your company Admin, you will see the alternative actions once you tap the Submit button.  

After you submit the file, it will follow the preconfigured submit rules and will be saved in the Completed section (if the file does not require any further actions from other workflow participants), or the Reassigned section (if further actions need to be taken by your colleagues upon the document).

You can see up to 500 recently submitted files in Completed or Reassigned.

In case you do not see the Completed section, it means that it was hidden as per your company policy.

If pre-configured by your company Admin, you can also resubmit already submitted files from the Completed section. In case you need to correct a misprint or make any edits, choose the option called Edit. If you need to create a copy, choose Create a Copy. In both cases each resubmitted document will come as a separate copy (won’t overwrite the very first version).

2. Templates without submit action

If there are no submit actions configured by your Admin for Templates, the document is available in view-only mode. On iOS device the behavior differs: you can still make changes to the file and its copy will be saved to the Personal section that will be available in web version of the app. In the Personal section you’ll be able to rename, delete or move files to other local subfolders.

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