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How to add users to Fluix

Here is a brief tutorial on how to add users to your Fluix account:

  1. From the main menu in the Fluix Admin portal, click ‘Configuration’, and then navigate to ‘Users’

  2. To add just one user, click the ‘New User’ button. Enter their full name and the email address they’ll use to log into Fluix, and click ‘Create’. The user will be sent an email to prompt them to set their own password and log into Fluix.

  3. To bulk upload multiple new users in one go, click the ‘Import/Export’ button, select ‘Import Users Via CSV’, and then click ‘Browse CSV File’ to upload your user’s details in a CSV file from your computer. A sample CSV format is shown in this section for your convenience.

  4. You can add your new users to existing groups by clicking ‘Choose Default Group’ and selecting a group from the drop-down options.

  5. Finally, newly added users will receive an email inviting them to log into Fluix

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