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Fluix Summer Product Updates

Process Status Details

Now you can check the details of each taskstream and any particular process, track time spent on each task, view and download forms and their revisions, and much more.

Sharing Tasks with External Contacts via QR code

Would you like to create tasks not just for your team, but for contractors, students, or anyone else you work with outside your company? That’s doable! Create a chart using Guest Task, generate a QR code for it, and share access to the task with anyone you need.

Shortcuts for Workflow Creation

Workflow creation is now even faster! Use shortcuts with elements of a chart to map your business flow in minutes.

Form-Filling Suggestions on Device

To help users to speed up the form-filling process, they’ll now see suggestions of commonly used words.

This new feature is available on iOS devices starting from Fluix version 3.15, Android devices – Fluix version 1.4.

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