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Fluix Cloud Storage Overview

At Fluix, we understand the importance of finding secure Cloud storage for your documents.

We offer reliable, built-in cloud storage that makes it easy for you to organize and manage your company documents.

Documents are encrypted and securely stored, without any time limitation. You can also view document history and download previous versions of documents. Deleted files can be stored for up to 999 days, ensuring full traceability for compliance purposes.

Access to documents housed in Fluix Storage is managed directly via the Fluix Admin Portal. You can provide your team member their role.

When you create workflows in Fluix, you can use Fluix storage as the source for the files your teams will work with in the field, and as a destination place for submitted documents.

Businesses around the world trust Fluix with their documents – 91% of our customers are using Fluix storage to power their team’s productivity.

Our Security white paper details our commitment to data security and is available on our website.

For more information about Fluix Storage, check out the Document Storage Options tutorial.

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