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Step 2. Determining Document Sources

Each Workflow rule is a pair of incoming Document source and outgoing Submit rule, that controls how users receive and send documents at each step of the workflow. Naturally, each participant needs to have at least one Document source to take part in the workflow.

For each participant in a workflow, you will need to define the document source. This is where documents will be distributed from.

Depending on the goal, you can select from the below:

Once a document is reassigned to a group of users, the entire group can access it. Once one of the users in this group assigns the document to himself/herself, the document will no longer be available for others.

Add Storage

After the type of document source is selected, please select the file storage and choose the root or particular folder with files that your users will get access to:

After selecting which document sources the workflow will involve, you will have to determine what happens to them by creating submit actions. Please, follow the next article to learn how to create submit rules.

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