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Copy a Workflow

You can make a copy of an existing workflow and then modify any details, including participants, document source, and submit rules as needed. To do that, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Duplicate a Workflow

Go to Configuration > Workflows section of Fluix Admin Portal, select a workflow you want to copy and click Duplicate: 

Once a copy is created, name it in the upper left corner and start editing as needed.

Step 2. Change Participants

In order to change participants, click the Pencil icon next to participant’s name. You will find two options: Replace or Delete.

Choose Replace option and select a new participant from a dropdown list.

Step 3. Change Document Source

You can change the type of your document source or select a different folder to be connected. In order to change the type of the documents source, click Pencil icon next to the document source and choose Replace option.

In order to change the connected folder while keeping the existing document source type, click on the name of the current folder and connect a new one.

You will see then a pop-up window. Click Back to Root button to be redirected to a root folder of your connected storage.

If you want to change the storage connected to your workflow as well, click the icon of the currently connected storage and select a new one.

Step 4. Modify Submit Rules

For Reassign submit action, the changes will be done automatically by Fluix. For Upload to Folder submit action, please make sure to connect a new folder.

Step 5. Rename the Workflow

Rename the workflow in the top left corner of your screen and click Save & Publish button to active it.

Your workflow is now ready for use.

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