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Guest Users, Forms Prefill, and more Integrations with Fluix

Guest Submissions

Invite people from outside your company (such as contractors, customers, vendors, students) to collaborate with your team on documents and tasks, all in one place.

Guests can easily access documents via shareable links, complete forms, leave notes, and review attachments, before signing and submitting completed documents. The documents then follow the pre-defined process you’ve set up in Fluix. Read details ⇢

Integration Presets

We’ve created integration presets, to allow for fast setup of automatic uploading of documents, data, and messages to third-party software platforms.

Forms Prefill

Tired of manually filling-in form fields that always contain the exact same information? 

You can now pre-populate forms like checklists, work orders, etc., with data from any third-party system, or with data from forms that have already been completed in Fluix. Pre-filling form fields saves time and minimizes the possibility of human error. Read details ⇢

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