6.2. Create and Manage Roles

In this article, you will learn how to create an Admin role, edit, duplicate, and delete it. To proceed, please go to the Roles tab under the Configuration section of the Admin Portal.

How to Create a Role 

Step 1. Choose a template or create a custom role from scratch by selecting a Blank Template: 
Step 2. Select users the role will be applied to, you can choose 1 or multiple users at once.

Step 3. Give a role name in the top left corner

Step 4. Grant access rights. Depending on the role you have in mind, you can select the areas in Admin Portal you want your Admins to have access to.

Global Permissions: This section gives access to the main areas in Admin Portal such as Dashboard, Billing, Settings, Roles, Remote Storages and GDPR. 

Access to Fluix Storage: If you use Fluix Storage, you can give users access to either the full storage or just certain folders:

Access to Groups: This section provides control over all or selected Groups of users that your admins can manage.

Access to Workflows: This section contains rights for managing workflows of your accounts, as well as view and manage the workflow documents. If you want an Admin to be able to create new workflows, select All Workflows as scope, this way giving admins an ability to both create and delete workflows.
Access to Datasets: Here you can manage access to the Collected Data section, create, edit and export all or selected datasets:
Step 5. Save and apply changes.

How to Edit, Duplicate and Delete a Role 

To edit a role, select it and click Edit Role:
To add a user to a role, simply select one on the left hand side under Add User:

To duplicate a role with the same list of permissions, select it and click Duplicate Role. A new role will be created with the clone tab in the name. Rename it and add users to finish the setup. 

To delete a role, select it and click Delete.

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