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Form Builder

Companies that collect a lot of data and manage different document types need to create many mobile business forms.

Using a professional form builder, you can recreate your paper-based documents – contacts, checklists, agreements, etc. – as fillable forms and use them for automated data collection.

Features to look for in a form builder:

  • No code development. Pick a form creator that enables every user, be it a project manager or account admin, to build a form, edit it, and put it into work without coding skills.
  • Intuitive interface. Logically arranged elements, clear button names, structured toolbars and tool menu, consistent controls sizes and colors, no disruptive text is equally important for productive work with forms.
  • Pre-made templates. A template library will give you a quick start with forms, and will help manage processes that need to be addressed quickly.
  • Support of conditional formulas. Conditional fields automate data calculation and reduce manual entry.
  • Data export. Make sure forms you build in the form creator are fillable and can be integrated with tools for data processing and analysis.

Why a form builder should be incorporated into automation software:

When you create digital forms in a third-party editor and then import them to your document management tool, different issues may occur:

  • Separate subscription plans for creation and export
  • Limitations on pages/fields in the form
  • Unsupported formats
  • Forms aren’t fillable
  • Forms can’t be used across all devices
  • Editor doesn’t support conditional formulas, and more.

When selecting a form builder, it’s better to give preference to those that are a part of automation software you’ll use for data collection. Even if it offers only basic functionality, you’ll still get a quick start with workflows and task automation.

Benefits of the Fluix Form Builder:

No-code interface

Template library

Centralized cloud storage

PDF and web format

Editing of the existing forms

Protection with a password

Unlimited pages & fields in the form

Builder & workflows within one system

How to create a form in the Fluix Form Builder

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