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How to create and manage Groups in Fluix

Here is how to create and manage groups in your Fluix account.

  1. From the main menu in the Fluix Admin portal, click ‘Configuration’ and navigate to ‘Groups’.

  2. Click ‘New Group’, then give your group a name.

  3. Add as many users as necessary by clicking on the ‘Add User’ button.

  4. Finalize and save your new group by clicking the ‘Create’ button.

  5. Select a group to highlight the list of options above the list of group names.

  6. Click ‘View Details’ to see which users are in the group and their latest activity, as well as how permissions are configured, and the status of documents in the group.

  7. Click ‘Add Users to Group’ to add new members to it. A user can participate in multiple groups.

  8. Click ‘Rename’ to change the group name.

  9. Or click ‘Delete’, if you no longer need the selected group.

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