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How to check Document status in Fluix

Here is how to check Document status in your Fluix account.

  1. From the main menu in the Fluix Admin portal, click ‘Data’, and then click ‘Document Status’. This overview shows all document names and the workflow stage each one is currently in, as well as the most recent activity on the document and the user who worked on it.

  2. To filter the documents by their status, simply click on any status on top. You can also select the time period you need by clicking ‘Select range’.

  3. You can open any of the documents by clicking on their name.

  4. To view more information about the history of a document, select it and click  ‘Show History’. To open or download a historic version of a document, just hover on it and choose the option you need.

  5. By selecting any document you can also open and view it, download it, reassign it to another user or group, or delete it.

  6. To restore a deleted document, click ‘Show Deleted’, then click on the filter ‘Deleted’, select the document you need and click ‘Restore’. 

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