Time Management Boot Camp

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Learn clear steps to effective time and task management

Are you truly productive or just really busy? Deep down most of us probably feel like we’re in the latter camp. In this webinar, Dr. Melissa Gratias, productivity psychologist, will help you examine your time management practices and find a new path forward that gives you optimal productivity… and hopefully a lot less stress!

This free one hour webinar is designed to help managers and individual contributors:

  • Understand where their time and task management approach breaks down
  • Focus individual and team efforts for the maximum positive impact
  • Set goals and clearly map out how to achieve them
Webinar Speakers:
Dr. Melissa Gratias

Dr. Melissa Gratias Dr. Melissa Gratias has a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Even more than her 15 years of corporate management experience, being a mother has taught her the importance of being organized, setting priorities, and balancing work and life. Dr. Gratias is a productivity psychologist and offers professional organizing services to business clients across the country.

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