To PDF or not to PDF?

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To PDF or not to PDF?

Did you know PDFs have been around for over 20 years? Geez, that’s a long time! But there’s a really good reason – actually 10 reasons – for why PDFs are the go-to file format, instead of Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Check out this blog post from Adobe for more details on each reason, but here they are, in no particular order:

  1. PDFs are universal.
  2. Trusted security.
  3. Quick and easy to create.
  4. Decreases file size.
  5. Reading is free.
  6. Interactive documents.
  7. Mobile access.
  8. Completely searchable.
  9. Password protection.
  10. Document analytics

And one more bonus reason! Collaborating with teams… While PDFs do come with some editing capabilities, when combined with a collaborative document management solution, the possibilities are endless! Again, go ahead and read Adobe’s blog post – Top 10 Reasons to Use PDF Instead of Word, Excel or PowerPoint – and learn more about why PDFs are awesome.

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