The Step-by-Step Process for Streamlined Billing

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The Step-by-Step Process for Streamlined Billing

Even though time cards are not generating revenue for the company, they’re still one of the most important parts of day-to- day operations. Employees need to be paid, but the current system of billing is hurting their productivity and, as a result, your bottom line.

There are a myriad of reasons why time cards are an antiquated way of tracking billable hours. Time cards are paper based. That means that not only does the employee have to track the hours by hand, but also they must manually deliver the completed card to the office. With all this paper roaming around, it’s easy for duplicates to appear which can confuse employees tasked with completing the backend of the billing process.

In terms of time management, time cards are doing your business a great disservice. Field employees going back and forth from the office to the site just to drop off a time card is extremely wasteful. What if they forget to drop the time card at the office? It’s now on your office staff to spend time reminding them about the time cards.

And these aren’t baseless claims. We collected testimonials from our customers on the downsides of time cards, and here’s what they had to say:

  • “Time cards are constantly getting lost and spoilt, and they should be filled out multiple times.”
  • “Those documents need to be manually picked up and delivered from the office. That’s a huge waste of valuable time.”
  • “It’s hard to consolidate and analyze the data. It requires a lot of manual work.”
  • “It’s impossible to control documents in the field. As a result, different versions and revisions are in use.”
  • “The printing, the storing and the cost of the paper itself is steep and continues to go up in price.”

Making billing more efficient is meaningful for the field team: they’ll generate more revenue because they’ll have more time to actually perform their jobs. As for the team in the office, going paperless means you eliminate the pain with processing the documents.

Based on the experience of our current customers, here are actionable steps that will make your life easier today:

  1. Go paperless. Digitizing your time cards is the only way to streamline the payroll process.
  2. Invest in the proper equipment. Provide iPads for your team. Everything they need in terms of documents will always be with them.
  3. Train for new technologies. Not everybody is tech savvy, so level the playing field. Bring in a consultant to teach your team the basics of the new software.
  4. Create a one-tap process. Use a centralised source for time cards. Every field technician should spend the minimum amount of time submitting their hours.
  5. Store files in one location. Send all completed documents to the same folder to ensure quick access to those files in the office.
  6. Have a master copy. An obvious necessity, both the field team and the office staff need to have access to originals of all documents.

The main takeaway on going paperless is this: the more efficient your document flow is, the more time is left for your team to do their actual jobs.

Each company has its own specific set of needs and ways they could improve. Get in touch with us to start your personal paperless journey today.