Modern site inspection tool to boost your team’s performance

Start mobile site safety check in minutes

Fluix will allow you to remove any communication overhead between field and the office greatly improving operational efficiency efficiency and providing transparency into processes on site. You will be able to:

  • Substantialy decresease document completion delays
  • Remove redundant trips to the office
  • Constantly monitor team’s progress
  • Collect signatures remotely on mobile solution as well as from third parties via e-mail
  • Set-up the process the way you need it to be

The turnaround time of field documents came to define the soft cost of many companies. With Fluix you will be able to significantly reduce it. Time savings and paper cost will recoup your Fluix subscription right away!

Avoid any errors in your safety audit checklist

Human factor is always present wherever humans operate, but with Fluix you can decrease to minimum. You will make sure your site inspection forms and site safety reports are compliant and filled out correctly. Moreover, Fluix will allow you to:

  • Monitor all isue reports and get notified in real time
  • Make sure all documents are subitted by the responsible person
  • Have access to paper trail on any document
  • Never have another conflict over a lost document

Compliance and regulations are part of daily operations, and if something goes wrong, your entire workflow is halted. Avoid unpleasant surprises with Fluix!

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