Conduct your safety checks easy and simple!

Trusted safety inspection solution for field use

Improve the productivity of field inspectors with Fluix. Our solution combines functionality of offline checklists, automated document routing and electronic form signing.

  • Safety checklists, forms and other documents are handled automatically
  • Site photos and annotations are saved and added to inspection reports
  • Full control and monitoring of your team’s performance
  • Progress tracking and versioning have never been simpler

Safety inspections are faster, simpler and more convenient with Fluix!

Increase productivity of your safety team in minutes!

Cut the time spent and costs of your operations. No more trips to office for reports submission, bad handrwriting and tonnes of paper! Fluix allows you to:

  • Receive the data from the safety inspection checklists immediately
  • Fully automate sharing, review and approval processes
  • Notify everyone needed whenever an issue arises

Our clients have seen their productivity rise with added transparency and structure to their operations. Fluix is the ultimate safety inspection application for your business!

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