Quality inspection solution for your team

Fully automated system to process your quality inspection reports

Have you had issues missed or not followed-up? Have you had delays in reporting due to large amount of documents which need to be processed? Have you had people send inspection reports to a wrong person? Fluix will help you avoid all of those. Additionally,

  • You will be able to fully customize your quality inspection checklists and other documents
  • You will be able to enforce document routing between inspectors and the office
  • You will be able to manage your team and track its progress
  • You will be able to access fully paper trail on each document
  • No one will mess with documents ever again

All team activity and documents history is exportable to Excel, so you won’t be confined to a rigid interface. Fluix will bring your quality inspection to a new level!

Avoid any errors in your quality inspection checklists

When it comes to documents, unless restricted people have their imagination all over them. Do you like spending time on 5 different quality inspection reports filled out in 5 different ways? Fluix will enforce:

  • Full compliance with all your templates
  • Full automation of every step of the process – the users no longer control it
  • Full access permission management
  • Extensive reporting on each user’s activity and documents history

Everything is stored and managed in one place, so the control is totally yours. Fluix brings quality software into quality inspections!

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