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The world is moving to user-friendly, no-code applications, that allow making quick operational improvements. 41% of businesses are already using them, and 20% more are planning to do so, according to Gartner.

The Old Way
Old-Fashioned Software
  • 27 swear words per hour
  • 4 weeks to improve processes with IT heavily involved
  • Expensive pricing packages & long-term commitments
The New Way
New Generation Software
  • 12 “Wow, that’s easy!” per hour
  • 60 minutes to improve any process without IT
  • Affordable prices to pay as you go
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Is it easier than you do it now?

Distribute airfield briefs and manuals in 2 minutes

  1. Provide users with access to specific folders
  2. Put the latest manuals into the folder
  3. The manuals are already accessible for users

Need to update manuals? Simply place the latest documents into the folder and remove outdated ones.

Approve and annotate training materials and checklists

  1. Receive reassigned documents to your inbox
  2. Annotate and comment when needed
  3. Approve documents and send them to archive automatically

Route journey logs to engineers without leaving the cockpit

  1. Pilot takes a template from the folder
  2. Fill out and submit the journey logs
  3. A completed log book automatically goes to maintenance
  4. A copy goes to an archive storage

Extract essential data from journey logs and flight checklists

  1. Collect data you need from any PDF file
  2. Export into Excel or CSV
  3. Connect datasets to BI tools
  4. Get email notifications when data deviates from the norm

Perfect for:

PDF Format

Build calculations, dependencies, and dropdowns into a PDF while keeping it look like paper

iOS Devices

Get mobility with the Fluix app built for secure and reliable iOS devices

Offline Usage

Access important briefs, manuals, and fill in checklists offline

What people say about Fluix
“What used to take hours now can be accomplished in minutes with Fluix. A flight crew can send a completed form with over 150 discrete data points to our Maintenance and Engineering team before they even leave the cockpit at the end of the flight.”
Bob Hoelzen, FCF Operations Manager
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“Using Fluix to complete Engine Health monitoring processes on the Boeing fleet means the Engineering Department can react far quicker to any engine maintenance requirements.”
Charlie Hampson, A320 First Officer
Read Success Story
“If you are looking for a solution that you can deploy quickly, that is easy to use and most importantly stable, please consider Fluix.”
Louis Coetzee, President of Collaborative Networks,
IT company servicing Airlines in South Africa

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