Meet the New Fluix

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Since January, we have been working on the evolution of Fluix. Today we are ready to raise a curtain and present a totally redesigned version to you. Intrigued? Read on.

Starting from September 2016, you’ll have access to the Fluix Admin Portal with the revamped look and functionality. As you are reading this article, your account is being upgraded. We hope you’ll find the new Fluix compelling and dive into it right away.

What is the new generation of Fluix about? The new Fluix is not just a visual redesign, but a whole new take on our product – one that empowers you to run your business faster and helps you get your job done in simpler and more modern ways. It’s also been rebuilt from the ground up so you can get the latest improvements to Fluix faster than ever before.

The very first version of our product was launched over four years ago. Since then the world, business processes and technology have evolved quite a bit. So has Fluix. We spent these years working side-by-side with our customers across 20+ industries diving into their needs, goals and day-to-day operations.

“What we’ve learned along the way inspired us to zoom out and rethink everything. We’re now leveraging the most recent advances in software and design trends to build a modern product that fully answers your business needs,” said Julia Nikolayenko, Head of Product with Fluix.

Goals of the new Fluix

At the outset of building the new Fluix, there were three goals our team focused on:

  • Powerful Product – To make a product that boosts your business by workflow automation, process visibility and full control.
  • Intuitive Interface – So that you could quickly onboard your team to Fluix and easily manage changes to your business processes along the way.
  • Faster Product Improvements – To build flexible and scalable product architecture, so that we could deliver new features and improvements faster to all our users.

This was in January 2016. Fast forward to today where hundreds of companies are already using this new product. We asked our customers “Does the new Fluix live up to these goals?”

The answer we’ve heard is a profound “YES!”

In the first days of using the new Fluix, administrators who added users and updated workflows came back to us with comments like: “The layout is clean and much easier to use”.

For months we analyzed the main use cases and scenarios to come up with an interface that provides step-by-step guidance for tasks like adding a new user/group or setting up a new workflow. The new layout helps you to complete tasks faster and see what’s happening with documents in your team. For new users the intuitive interface will make onboarding quick and smooth.

The new Admin Portal is developed according to cutting edge practices in design and web development, so it is faster, more secure and reliable. In terms of faster product improvements, it now takes us days or weeks to release ambitious product improvements, where it used to take months or quarters.

Wrapping up

We are really excited about the change and we do hope that new Fluix will be a step forward for your team as well. For those of you who have any concerns, I want to assure you that new product is stable and reliable. We believe you will not only appreciate the new look and new features, but will also discover and embrace the full potential of Fluix for your company.

Over the past few months we’ve been rolling out the new Fluix in beta and learning from our customers’ experiences in order to make the product more powerful and easier to use. Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we’ve received so far from our early adopters group; check them out!

There is still a lot of work ahead. In the nearest time you will see many more new features and improvements.

Finally, for those of you still here, thank you for reading. Thank you for your trust and openness to exploring something new with us in the months and years to come. We’re excited to take the next steps towards making a better product for the teams who are not tied to their desks. You are our inspiration.

Stay tuned!

Yuliya Dmytryshyn
Head of Customer Success