Meet the New Fluix. FAQs.

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When is the upgrade to the new Fluix happening? Who will be affected by the change?

All Fluix accounts will be upgraded to the new look by the end of October 2016. Changes affect Admin Portal only, and will have no impact on your mobile app users at the moment.


Will the previous version of Fluix still be supported?

No. Our team is fully focused on developing and improving the new generation of Fluix. We will try to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and we strongly believe that everyone will benefit from running their businesses on the new product.


Are you going to raise prices?

No. Your current monthly service charge will be the same on the new product. Over time as you learn more about Fluix, you may upgrade your subscription plan to use additional capabilities based on the value they bring.


Why are you building this new generation of an existing product?

We believe enterprise software should be powerful yet easy to use. Only this way it can drive the most value for your organization. The new Fluix is about uniting software and people to build businesses that run real-time.


What’s in it for me?

A product that’s easier to use, evolves faster and makes working with documents and teams easier. Got some ideas or feedback on how to make it even better? Give us a shout.


Can I use the Fluix Admin Portal on mobile?

Yes. Flexible and responsive design allows you to do more and do it faster on your computer or any tablet.


Will there be training available?

Yes. Our end goal is to build a simpler product that is easier to use which will also require less need for training in the future. That said, of course we’ll be glad to help you make the first steps in exploring new Fluix. Check out our website for educational webinars, Help section for help resources or contact your customer success manager to schedule a personalized demo.


What’s next?

We are just getting started. The team is working on new components which will make Fluix even more flexible and helpful in your daily operations. Stay tuned!

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