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Accelerate field-to-office communication

Distribute service work orders, checklists, daily logs, and other documentation to your team in the field. Customize Fluix to ensure that documents move quickly between teams and get to the right people. With a touch of a button, submit completed forms to your office and/or pass them to other team members involved in the project.
Save hours a day by automating and digitizing your workflows.

Comfort Systems, Reborn Cabinets Comfort Systems, Reborn Cabinets
“Fluix shifts power to the field team. They don’t have to drive to the office on Friday night to hand in their paperwork. They have all of the documents at their fingertips, which they can submit instantaneously rather than having to come back to the office.”
Comfort Systems USA

Stephanie Lloyd,
Business Development,
Comfort Systems USA

Minimize Operational Costs

Migrate all your pounds of paper documents to their electronic versions and view, fill out, annotate and sign every needed manual, blueprint or work order using only one service. No need to print out, distribute and store all that paperwork.

Save thousands per project in real paper costs and gain efficiency.

Save thousands per project in real paper costs and gain efficiency.

“Fluix has been wonderful. We not only improved our processes but we saved a lot of money on paper.”
Comfort Systems USA

Stacie Tillery,
Accounting Manager,
Comfort Systems USA

Introduce changes in no times

Adding any new document to the company workflows becomes as easy as abc. Be that filling out a multi-page checklist, editing/annotating guidance materials or digitally signing a contract, in a couple of taps your documents are in the system and ready to go.

Save effort on laborious user training when introducing changes.

Lightning fast deploy.
No special skills required.


Stay on top of things
using comprehensive reporting

Documents get updated, files moved around, and everyone on the team needs to know right away. With seamless and instant access to all required and up-to-date documents you can eliminate costly mistakes and reduce waiting time.

You can easily collect data from all submitted forms and present reports to your management.

Leverage the productivity gains achieved via paperless workflows.

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“Now that we’re paperless, we’re able to make a change overnight, distribute it out to the entire staff, they don’t even know the change came. The next day they go into their Fluix or in a home they open up a document. And they fill it out.”
Reborn Cabinets

Vince Nardo,
Reborn Cabinets